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Slay, a happiness company, is a destination to facilitate your contentment and success via coaching, online courses and inspiration.


Alice Judge-Talbot, Founder and Happiness Expert

In the last 13 years Alice has lived enough experience for multiple lifetimes: an award-winning Marketing career to Director level, a mother at the age of 24, a divorce at the age of 27, a six-figure consultancy business from scratch by 31, and a broadsheet column and best-selling self-help memoir published by Hodder & Stoughton by 32.


With her career roots firmly in the online sphere, working for global ad and marketing agencies Alice has led campaigns for behemoths such as Penguin Random House (“a masterclass in marketing art” - The Drum), Gordon’s Gin and IKEA, alongside growing a successfully monetised blog, More Than Toast. She built a six-figure Consultancy business from scratch, has provided training services both to large corporations and fellow creatives and has spoken on panels on behalf of brands such as Mumsnet and Google.

After a developing a professional interest in the concept of happiness and fulfilment following a tricky divorce and re-establishment of life as a single parent, Alice distilled her career and life experience into her book, The Back-Up Plan, and a successful column in The Telegraph. Alice is now formally offering the services she’s been providing to friends, colleagues and readers for years: Coaching, Mentoring and all-round Cheerleading.

Alice is informed by a set of beliefs that leads everything she does at Slay:

  • Happiness and the ability to live in the present is the foundation of all business and personal success.

  • The only thing holding us back is ourselves, and we must challenge our limiting beliefs before we can expand and excel.

  • The power of your unique being is the most important thing you can harness.

  • You are a constant work in progress and there is only empowerment in constant learning and development.

  • Be who you want to be; face the world; fail. Do it all over again with a smile.

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