Seek Out Your Butterflies

Seek Out Your Butterflies


It's literally the biggest pain point in any business, whether you're a brand or a blog (and yes, we should all be calling ourselves a business, no matter how small our turnover).

I'm a blogger and entrepreneur who has been bringing in excess of £5k a month for the last three years: with 18 years experience of blogging and 15 of online marketing, the art of going out to get the income I want to earn is one I've spent a long time perfecting.

You wouldn’t look at my online profiles and think I sometimes hit five figure months; I’m not at Zoella-levels of followers, I don’t have big degrees (though my drama A-level probably helps with all the Instagram stories), I don’t have an audience of hundreds of thousands.

What’s got me to this £5k a month is an intricate mix of applying my tenacity and effort in areas that might not seem obvious, areas that don’t even involve knowing a great deal about business or economics (but do involve many a marketing strategy along with knowing what makes people tick). Areas I’ve channeled my efforts towards in these years of trial, error and eventually, success.

(Psssst... I introduced you to these strategies in a webinar I held recently. If you missed it, you can catch up here).



Chris Hemsworth, an airplane takeoff, a day at = all things that give me butterflies.

But how often can you honestly include your work, your blog or your business in your own list?

Your work should TURN YOU ON, it should make you fly. You should look forward to doing whatever that main thing is that makes you money, just like you're looking forward to seeing a Chris Hemsworth movie!

When you're going to be pursuing a business you need to make sure it's tweaked towards your most happiest self.

But it's really quite hard to discover what actually makes you happy, what makes your heart sing. And ultimately, discover what soul passion you can take and apply to your day-to-day income generation.

Try this: click on to your Instagram account (the place which, in my experience, tends to be something of a 'shop front' to your personality). Navigate to your grid and look at the last twelve photographs you find there.

Allocate a category to each and list them - you'll have some repeats here and will start to see a clear picture of the things that make you happy.

If your Instagram account is more work-focussed, do this exercise with your phone's photo album instead. You'll be surprised at the over-arching projections of the inner-workings of your mind!

How can you apply these findings to your current blog or business, or the one you're planning to start? How can you pivot your plans to include WAY more of them?

The Blog Your Way To £5k a Month Webinar is BACK!

The Blog Your Way To £5k a Month Webinar is BACK!