Slay Small Business and Brand Start-Up

Do you want to launch a brand or business? Is your current start-up directionless? Do you need help finding the right audience for your product/service/Instagram account/blog?

This 5 week course is a comprehensively broken-down guide to building a loyal and engaged audience online, whether that’s with the aim of making money or raising your profile.

You’ll finish the course with a laser-focussed strategy and plan that will enable you to succeed and excel at your business, blog or brand, as well as enough self-confidence and drive to steer the Titanic. Sign up below - class begins Thursday 25th April!


Slay Make Money Blogging - from £0 to £5k a month

If you’d like to elevate your income by super-charging your blog so it’s bringing in a full-time income, or perhaps you’d like to find out how to start a blogging business that’ll allow you to work flexibly or from home, this course is for you.

Join me as we walk through 4 weeks of how I’ve taken my own blog from £0 to £5k a month, as I outline the strategies and blueprints I’ve used to make blogging my job.


Slay Happiness

After a tumultuous early twenties spent having babies and getting divorced I spent a really long time as an unhappy person, until I realised six years ago that my state of happiness wasn’t down to the people in my life, but solely to ME.

Ever since then I’ve been on a mission to uncover how we can influence and change our own state of happiness, and here over a period of 4 weeks I’ll share with you all the tricks and tips I’ve learned on this journey.

Pre-register for further details, coming in July.