Make Money Blogging - from £0 to £5k a Month

An Online Course


Are you a blogger, frustrated with how little income your online presence is bringing you? Would you like to start a blog with the aim of bringing in a full-time income (and more)? Are you a small business needing to know how you can elevate yourself to a higher income?

This course is for you!

I'm a blogger who has been bringing in excess of £5k a month for the last three years: with 18 years experience of blogging and 15 of online marketing, it's an art I've spent years perfecting.

You wouldn’t look at my online profiles and think I sometimes hit five figure months; I’m not at Zoella-levels of followers, I don’t have big degrees (though my drama A-level probably helps with all the Instagram stories), I don’t have an audience of hundreds of thousands.

What’s got me to this £5k a month is an intricate mix of applying my tenacity and effort in areas that might not seem obvious, areas that don’t even involve knowing a great deal about business or economics (but do involve many a marketing strategy along with knowing what makes people tick). Areas I’ve channeled my efforts towards in 8 years of trial, error and eventually, success.

And I’ve distilled the most important parts of my experience and strategies into a 4-week programme that will kick-start you to similar success.

During the course we’ll cover brandingwriting, Social Media and mindset, and above all, you’ll end the four weeks knowing how to set yourself apart from the masses in this over-subscribed and noisy online world.

I will share my 15 years of online marketing experience as a Strategy Director for brands such as VICE, Penguin Random House and IKEA, teaching you the areas of my expertise I’ve picked and chosen to make my hobby blog, More Than Toast, work for me to the tune of a salary that’s highest than any I’ve achieved in the corporate world.

The course, a mixture of lectures and worksheets, will land every Monday (though you can work through the material at your leisure), and you'll be added to the Slay Facebook group which is full of wisdom on everything entrepreneurial and online. In it we'll cover five key areas:

Make Money Blogging - from £0 to £5k a Month

  • Transforming your passions into cold hard cash

  • Thinking financially - where your income will come from and how you’ll get it

  • Developing and embodying your brand, crafting an online persona that will resonate and last

  • Pivoting and bending with the times to make the most of your earning potential

  • Self-promotion the right way

“The course has been amazing for me so far… with everything you’ve taught over the last 2 weeks I’ve been tweaking my blog slowly. I’ve already gone from a couple of visits to nearly 100 a day! It’s a huge leap for me and I can’t wait to get stuck in to week 3”

- Slay school student


In this course you will learn:

  • How I built a successful and multi-faceted online business from a standing start as a time-starved (and always tired) single mum.

  • How I built my blog to turn over £5k a month - without the audience of Zoella.

  • The tricks and techniques I used to build a website with no technical help that now sees around 60,000 visitors a month.

  • The strategies you need to build an engaged and receptive email list.

  • How to market and promote yourself on an absolute shoestring - no advertising involved.

  • The positive and can-do mindset you’ll need to succeed in the tricky online world.

The course is delivered via an online classroom and with a combination of talking head and presentation videos. Students will be provided with a workbook for each module where they will be able to take notes and use the exercises and tools taught to create their own personalised strategy.

Investment: £199

Course Information

  • This is a 4 week course beginning Monday 1st July.

  • It’s delivered via a weekly online classroom, with (fun) homework to complete in-between.

  • You’ll have a course-book for each module which will include exercises that will result in your own personalised strategy for your business.

  • All lessons will be available online for as long as you need them.

  • The course is administered on the learning platform Teachable.

  • You’ll have lifetime access to the Slay Facebook group where you’ll be able to meet and chat to like-minded people looking to build their own businesses and profiles.