Small Business and Brand Marketing - HABITS Success

An Online Course

Do you want to launch a brand, blog or business?

Is your current start-up directionless?

Do you need help finding the right audience and online presence to successfully promote your product/service/Instagram account/blog?

This 4 week course based on my HABITS framework is a comprehensively broken-down guide to building a loyal and engaged audience online with soul and success, whether that’s with the aim of making money or raising your profile as an expert in your field.

You’ll finish the course with a fleshed out and complete web presence WITH SOUL that will include, if you didn’t have it before, your own beautifully presented and effective website and social media accounts, as well as a laser-focussed success strategy and plan that will enable your business, blog or brand to EXCEL. I’ll also leave you with enough self-confidence and drive to steer the Titanic - one of the most important aspects when it comes to success in business.


The Small Business and Brand Start-Up Course is devised and delivered based on my 13 years of experience creating award-winning marketing campaigns for brands such as Penguin House, Gordon’s Gin and IKEA, and tackles the peaks and pits I celebrated and endured in the process of building my six-figure consultancy business A & Co. It’ll also address the strategies I used to elevate my blog, More Than Toast, from a hobby to a business that pulls in £5k a month.

It’s an amalgamation of courses I’ve taught in the ‘real’ world to corporations and creatives alike, an effective programme that has been honed and tweaked for maximum success to become the HABITS framework.


In this course you will learn:

  • How I built a £100k + online business from a standing start as a time-starved (and always tired) single mum.

  • How I built my blog to turn over £5k a month - without the audience of Zoella.

  • The tricks and techniques I used to build a website with no technical help that now sees around 60,000 visitors a month.

  • The strategies you need to build an engaged and receptive email list.

  • How to market and promote yourself on an absolute shoestring - no advertising involved.

  • The positive and can-do mindset you’ll need to succeed in the tricky online world.

Small Business and Brand Start-Up Curriculum

The course is delivered via an online classroom and with a combination of talking head and presentation videos. Students will be provided with a workbook for each module where they will be able to take notes and use the exercises and tools taught to create their own personalised strategy.


  • What are HABITS?

  • Your heart mission - your business

  • Is your heart mission a viable business?

  • Defining your demographic and marketplace

  • Your brand, and how to refine it to suit your audience

  • Logo, design aesthetics and the tools you need to be a professional business

  • Competitor research and evaluation

  • Applying your brand in the real world

  • The resources you need to run a successful business

  • Money mindset and how to get yours right so you’re earning at your maximum potential


  • How to create a brand that people will want to buy from

  • Why you need an effective website and what should be on it

  • User experience and behaviour

  • How to create an inexpensive and effective website 

  • Web edits and upkeep

  • Do I need a blog?

  • Blogs: best practice, content to include and how to stay inspired

  • SEO (and all that jazz)

  • The importance of owning your platform


  • How to promote yourself without being annoying

  • Attracting customers via Social Media

  • Which Social platforms should I use?

  • Why Twitter is still relevant

  • King (Queen) Instagram - the secrets to succeeding on everyone's favourite platform

  • Facebook and community

  • How to use Pinterest

  • YouTube for Business

  • Turning customers into your advocates


  • What failure will teach you (and why you shouldn't be scared of it) 

  • Tools to help you pivot and excel

  • Making friends, building communities, making money, 

  • Partnerships and growth

  • The price is right

  • Conquer email marketing

  • The things that'll hold you back - and how to conquer them

  • Tools, tricks and ideas to keep you inspired

  • Where to go from here 

Investment: £199

Course Information

  • This is a 4 week course beginning Thursday 25th April.

  • It’s delivered via a weekly online classroom, with (fun) homework to complete in-between.

  • You’ll have a course-book for each module which will include exercises that will result in your own personalised strategy for your business.

  • All lessons will be available online for as long as you need them.

  • The course is administered on the learning platform Teachable.

  • You’ll have lifetime access to the Slay Facebook group where you’ll be able to meet and chat to like-minded people looking to build their own businesses and profiles.