“Having had more of my share fair of life and love failures, Alice’s honesty and encouragement has really helped me turn everything around”
— Sarah S

Happy Clients


“The session was so inspiring! I have so much more direction with where I’m going now.” 

— Emma h

“I enjoyed your workshop so much: I have already started making lots of notes and cannot wait to get started.  This idea has been brewing in my head for over a year and you have given me the confidence to finally get it off the ground.”

— Janet L

“You have said so many things to me that I identified with and needed to hear, thank-you so much.”

— Susan T

“You have really kept me going through some really dark times, it’s wonderful to not feel so alone and to learn that my healing doesn’t have to be linear.”



"Alice, you are GOALS. thank-you for helping me reach mine. I look forward to our sessions each and every month"

— Emma M

"I've been following your work ever since I became a single mum and you have got me through the hardest times. I inhaled your book, it changed my life: you're a wonderful inspiration and I love working with you"

— Charlie S